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[YouTube] 6 Tricks & Tips To Unclog Pores

Everyday your pores get filled with makeup, sweat and everyday grime.  What are the best ways to keep from breaking out? You might be surprised how just how easy it is using items you probably already have at home.

Use These Easy-To-Find Items To Keep Your Face From Breaking Out

  • Use a hot towel to steam open your pores
  • Apply a quality facial toner to dry out the area
  • Squeeze mini-whiteheads and blackheads with floss. Use a gentle scraping motion
  • For larger pores, purchase deep cleansing pore strips. These pieces pull out blackheads. Wet a strip thoroughly, then apply. Wait 10 minutes and peel off.
  • Apply a mask on the bottom of your nose in a triangular shape. Hint: Use a dark towel to wipe off masks that are dark in color, as they can leave stains.
  • Apply tree tea oil that is diluted with water as an antiseptic


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