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Yaasa Mattress Review

Yaasa Studios may be a newcomer in the mattress industry but it is one of the companies to watch out for. If sleeping cool is your passion, then this hybrid mattress company will keep you on the right track. Yaasa Studios has just started venturing into a variety of sleeping products including adjustable beds, throw pillows and mattress and one of their products that has kept many passionate sleepers excited is its hybrid mattress. Read the Yaasa mattress review below:

The brand aims to provide mattresses that will adapt to the needs of their customers whether they are back sleepers, side sleepers or stomach sleepers. It came up with quality sleeping products that are expected to go beyond the expectations of its customers. It has proven itself as a world-class company that provides an array of quality products for the mattress-buying population. This manufacturer is very intuitive as it has managed to provide a world-class mattress that will appeal to all sleeping positions.

yaasa mattress review


Yaasa Studios is meant to be successful in the sleeping industry and this is shown even by the word “yasa” from where the company name comes from. The name itself means success, and this seems to be happening for the company. Its goal is to provides customers with products that will enhance not only their sleeping but also their whole living experience.

Yaasa Chief Executive Officer Johannes Sauer said that as a start-up company, it has to be agile and adaptable to the needs of its customers. It may be a small company, but Sauer said they have big dreams. This is primarily the reason why their mattresses promise to adjust to the needs of their customers. This is made possible by the company’s investments in science and engineering which pave the way for great craftsmanship.[1]

Yaasa Studios first came into the forefront when it introduced the Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket campaign through Kickstarter. This is a global platform that has already received backing from more than 10 million people who supported its various creative projects and endeavors. Kickstarter is now a for-profit company but still aims to have a positive impact not only on their partners but the whole society.[2]

The Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket is not your ordinary blanket because more than a fabric to keep yourself warm, it will also enhance your rest, aid your recovery and increase the flow of your blood. The Infinity Blanket is a great match for their memory foam bed as it is made with the Celliant fiber technology.

This blanket makes use of a combination of blended organic cotton with infrared technology. It works by soaking the energy from the body, and with the use of the Celliant fibers, it releases infrared light back. The Celliant technology is significant for athletes who want to reach their maximum performance or those who are still recovering from injuries. It is also ideal for those who simply want to enjoy quality sleep. The blanket’s Celliant technology promises to increase your energy levels.

yaasa mattress construction

Mattress Construction

The hybrid mattress from Yaasa has both the benefits of a memory foam and a pocket coil or innerspring system. And since it boasts of the combined technologies of these two types of mattresses, you can expect the bed to deliver comfort and sturdy support. The successful combination of these technologies speaks well of the engineering prowess of the company. Foam mattresses generally fall short when it comes to providing support to the sleeper. This hybrid mattress is, however, guaranteed to provide you a breathable mattress with the best contour, comfort, and support possible.

What is Yaasa Mattress made of?

The Yaasa Mattress is kept clean and protected by a Tencel® cover. This is a material that acts as a substitute for cotton that is not only very soft but also wicks or pulls away moisture from the sleeper’s body. With this mattress, sleeping cool is the rule, not the exception. This is a cooling mattress that will provide you quality sleep and let your body heal to make you more alert the next day. The cover comes with a zipper so the whole mattress is enclosed and protected. Don’t worry about having a hard time removing the cover because it comes with a thick and durable cover edges with leather handles.

This 12-inch memory foam mattress comes with coil layers to provide you the best of both worlds. If pressure relief is a priority then this mattress will meet your expectations. Your sleeping adventure starts with a two-inch comfort layer that comes with the proprietary Infinity Foam the brand is known for. If you are fond of the comfort provides by the memory foam then this comfort layer will keep you satisfied.

The comfort layer of this mattress easily follows the contours of your body so it provides pressure relief. You won’t feel like you are sinking into the foam because it slowly responds to pressure. This layer also comes with gel infusion that keeps you cool while sleeping. This gel prevents the material from overheating and keeps you sleeping cool at all times.

Below the comfort layer of the Yaasa mattress s the transition layer consisting of Energex foam. Contrary to the slow pressure response of the comfort layer foam, the Energex foam is quick to respond so it serves as a transition. This layer divides the comfort layer and the support layer of the mattress.

The eight-inch support layer consists of pocketed coils that are individually wrapped. This layer is responsible for the support and bounce provided by the mattress. While the memory foam contours to the body, you do not feel that you are sinking or stuck to the bed at all. And since the pocketed coils are individually wrapped, you also get to sleep soundly even if your bedmate turns and tosses through the night. The individual wrapping creates spaces in between the coils which provide airflow to the bed.

The lower portion of the bed consists of the foundation layer which serves as the base of the bed. This one-inch poly foam provides stability to the bed. This is a high-density foam so it serves as a landing pad for the mattress.

yaasa mattress

Firmness Level

The Yaasa mattress gives you an option when it comes to firmness level. This follows the manufacturer’s mantra of providing an adjustable bed to consumers of all sleeping preferences. Whatever your choice may be, you are assured that the mattress will provide you the best sleeping experience ever. The mattresses adjust to your sleeping position and provide enough support to keep you well-rested. If you are a hot sleeper, then you will welcome the cooling comfort offered by this bed.

The materials in each of the 2 different Yaasa hybrid mattresses will vary slightly to make for the most ideal feel and firmness level. Both will be 12″ thick and have the same The soft hybrid mattress has 2″ of 2.7lb density Infinity Foam on top, the next layer is 1″ of Hybrid Foam on top of an 8″ Quantum Coil System that has 968 coils in a queen size. All of this sits on a 1″ of 1.5lb density Base Foam.
The firm hybrid mattress has 1″ of 2.7lb density Infinity Foam on top, the next layer is 2″ of Latex Foam on top of an 8″ Quantum Coil System that has 968 coils in a queen size. All of this sits on a 1″ of 1.5lb density Base Foam.

Firm Yaasa mattress

The firm version of the Yaasa mattress is a 12-inch memory foam and coil combination mattress. The firm mattress comes with four layers of sleeping haven. It is divided into the comfort layer with an inch of Infinity Foam and a two-inch bounce layer made of all- natural latex. The next layer is an eight-inch support layer made of the Quantum Edge Coil System followed by the one-inch base layer made of high-density support foam. What differentiates the Yaasa mattress firm version is the responsive bounce layer that provides more bounce to the foam.

Soft Yaasa mattress

The softer version of the Yaasa mattress comes with a two-inch Cooling Infinity foam followed by an inch of Hybrid Transition Foam. Then you get the eight-inch Quantum Edge Coil System and the high-density support foam.

Compared to the 6.5 industry standard for medium firmness, the Yaasa mattress is in the 5.85 level of firmness. This means the mattress is softer to the average firmness level of most mattresses. If you do not have a specific sleeping position and you find yourself sleeping in different positions then the combined support and pressure relief offered by this mattress is a good choice.[4]

While both the firm and soft versions of the Yaasa mattress are made of foams and coils, you can still choose the best version that will provide the best level of comfort for you. If you mostly sleep on the side then the soft version will be a good option. It will provide a gentle support for your shoulders and hips. But if you find yourself sleeping on your back or stomach most of the time, then the firmer version will suit you. The firm layers of this mattress won’t give you that sinking feeling even if it contours your body.

yaasa matress

Motion Isolation

The coils on the Yaasa mattress are wrapped individually. This is the best option for those who sleep with a partner but who do not want to be disturbed. The coils tend to isolate motion and reduce vibrations so you can sleep well even if your partner has a different sleeping habit or position. However, you may notice the slight vibration if you are a light sleeper.

This mattress performed well in the motion transfer test which means it has a low motion transfer. Thanks, to the pocketed coils and the comfort layer, movements on either side of the bed is isolated. If your partner gets up at night then you can be sure that you will not be disturbed at all.

Edge Support

The Yaasa mattress offers enough support whether you are in the middle of the bed or at the sides. You have to thank the pocketed coil system because it is responsible for lifting the weight up so that you do not sink on the mattress even when you sleep near the edge of the bed.

One thing that you should be worried about when you have a foam bed is the compression when you occupy the sides of the bed. With this mattress, you can sit on the edges and still get enough support. Every square inch of this mattress provides premium support for you.

Size, Warranties, and Durability

The Yaasa mattress is a good choice primarily because it is a hybrid mattress that provides you the best conditions offered by a foam and a coil mattress. However, you still have to check out the size of the mattress to make sure it will fit your room. The mattress is available in the following sizes:

• Twin which measures 39” x 75” x 12”
• Twin XL which measures 39” x 80” x 12”
• Full which measures 54” x 75” x 12”
• Queen which measures 60” x 80” x 12″
• King which measures 76” x 80” x 12”
• California King which measures 72” x 84” x 12”

One thing good with the Yaasa mattress is its warranty. This adjustable hybrid bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Make sure you keep your original proof of purchase to be able to avail of the warranty during the given period. The warranty starts on the date of purchase as shown in your receipt. Without the receipt, it will be within the manufacturer’s discretion if it will provide the warranty or not.

The warranty offered by the manufacturer, however, applies only to the original buyer. This means the right is not transferable. While the bed comes with a remote control, the purchase does not include the pillows and sheets.[5]


The Yaasa bed is made in the United States but it can be shipped directly to your address. The mattress will be delivered in a compact box. Make sure to remove the bed immediately when it arrives and set it up in your room when you still have a helping hand as it can be heavy.

Expect some odor from the bed when you take it out of the box. The odor is minimal but doesn’t worry because it makes use of low VOC material and water-based glue. The mattress is quick to expand and will be ready for you to sleep on in barely an hour.


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