Will Mystro Be The Answer For Uber And Lyft Drivers?

This app hopes to give on-demand drivers up to 33% more money by making every second count.

#5- Meet Co-Founder Herb Coakley

Mr. Coakley is quite a versatile fellow. He holds a Masters in physics. That’s not all. He is also an LA film maker. But, a divorce sent him to a dark place. That’s when he saw an ad for Uber drivers.

#4-  Being An On-Demand Driver Is Harder Than You Think

Driving texting

Coakley was told to make the most money; the driver must switch between both Lyft and Uber apps. That proved dangerous and challenging when on the road. He began to look for a way that would seamlessly mesh the two systems. He found that he could not access either Lyft’s or Uber’s API’s.

#3- So He Ran An Ad On Craigslist


There, he met Matt Rajcok. He proposed using Android’s AccessibityService. This service is designed to help guide those with disabilities using Android apps to combine Uber and Lyft driver apps.

#2- But, Coakley Needed Money To Hire Rajcok


One day Coakley was explaining the concept to one of his passengers. The passenger ran a small investment firm. Soon, Coakley had a check for $100,000.

#1- Mystro Is Born


The app is used for drivers who have an Android phones only. His user base is more than 10,000. Coakley is hoping both Uber and Lyft sees his creation as a safe option that helps everybody.


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