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Why You Don’t Look Great After A Good Night’s Sleep

So, you slept great! You get up and look in the mirror and gasp. Here’s what happened while you were sleeping!

3.Wrinkles From Sleep

A couple of things happen to our skin. When we sleep our face tightens and our skin can lose elasticity. Also, repeated pressure (as laying one side of your face on a pillow), promotes collagen breakdown.

Quick Fix: Massage the areas gently and tap until the wrinkles begin to fade. These actions increase the circulation.


2. Puffy Eyes

Our bodies are made of between 55%-60% of water. When we sleep, that water gets redistributed. Unfortunately, part of where it pools is under our eyes.

Quick Fix: Put some cucumber slices over your eyes. The ascorbic acid and caffeic acid brings down the water retention.


1.Your Hair’s A Mess


People with long hair, in particular, may have to step back from the mirror!Quick Fix: Grab a brush. Make sure you pick a brush that flows easily through your hair type.

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