Top 7 Reasons You Want To Shower At Night

Even though the majority of people still shower in the morning (53%vs.47%), those who shower at night time are making their voice known.


7. You Don’t Have To Wash Your Sheets As Often

Who loves doing laundry, anyways? Going to bed clean every night is the best feeling in the world, right?

6. Showering At Night Provides The Start To Kickback For The Night

You hit the bed feeling much more relaxed which can lead to a better night’s sleep.

5. You Can Take Your Time Toweling Off


Your body feels great after feeling that luxurious warm water and a thorough drying with your favorite soft, fluffy towel.

4.The Distance Between Your Warm Bed And The Shower Is The Longest Distance In The World

Although you realize in theory, you’ll be warm once you get under the water, it’s getting under the water that makes you want to stay in bed in the morning.

3. You’ll Want To Set Out Your Clothes The Night Before So You Can Stay In Bed Even Longer In The Morning

It’s true. Those extra 5 minutes are among the sweetest that you can experience.

2. You Can Use Up As Much Hot Water As You Want

Is there anything better than lingering in a stream of hot water?

1.You Can Sleep For Another Ten Minutes

We all know that extra 10 minutes can make or break your day.

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