These 7 Examples Show That There’s Big Money (And Little Forgiveness) In The Fast Food World

Fast food restaurants make serious money. Many chains have stores who individually make over $2 million a year. However, many do not pass the “love” on to their employees.

#7 – Jimmy John’s Non-Compete Clause


Jimmy John’s employees must sign a non-compete contract forbidding them from working for any competitor for 2 years. Who is considered a competitor? Any company that makes more than 10% of their money off their sandwiches and less than 3 miles from any Jimmy John’s location.

#6 – Pizza Hut’s Delivery Fees


After 2 former drivers had sued this restaurant chain, it was determined that the delivery fee does not go to the drivers. Instead, the company keeps the $2.00. Remember this the next time you tip the driver.

#5 – Darden Restaurants

Red LRed Lobster Restaurant exteriorobster Restaurant exterior


The Darden Group which owns Red Lobster and Olive Garden has been accused of not being employee-friendly. California employees sued Darden for denying them mandated brakes and charging them for their uniforms. Darden lost. These employees must also share their tips with those that work in the back. While this may seem fair, others argue that this move allowed Darden to cut minimum wages.

#4 – Domino’s Delivery Times Cost Lives

Dominos Pizza

Domino’s once guaranteed delivery within 30 minutes. But, it was stopped after the pizza chain lost a $79 million dollar court judgment. The court found that Domino’s was responsible for at least one death and numerous other accidents.

#3 – Where’s The “Where’s The Beef” Lady?



Wendy’s found a new star with Clara Peller. She earned only $317 for her first commercial and not a lot more for subsequent ones. Clara then made a commercial for Prego’s meat sauce and said, “I found it! I really found it.” Wendy’s took this to mean that she found the beef somewhere else than in a Wendy’s hamburger and was promptly fired.

#2 – Colonel Sanders Came To Hate KFC



He came to hate how the restaurant chain “dumbed down” his recipes. Eventually, both the Colonel and the restaurant chain sied each other. Sanders sued for misusing his image, and the restaurant sued for slander. The Colonel had to promise to no longer bash the company. He could not comply.

#1 – How The McDonald Brothers Got Fired From McDonald’s

Mc Donalds


Ray Kroc convinced the McDonald brothers to let him franchise their restaurant. Eventually, he bought the restaurant outright. The brothers also wanted future company royalties. Kroc disagreed, and the brothers were out.


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