These 5 Content Marketing Trends Are Expected To Blow Up In 2018

It’s already November. Are you researching what is expected to trend in 2018? You should be. Content marketing is constantly evolving. To survive, you must evolve too.

#5 – The Rise Of Influencer Marketing


Paid ads are losing their influence. Fluent found that 69% of Snapchat users skip ads on the app. Another 65% of consumers also skip video ads. Advertisers are well aware of this trend, and they are willing to pay up to $500k for influencers.

#4 – Get Ready For Video Content And Livestream To Explode


Videos get 135% more organic reach than status, link posts, and status on average. Why? Well, for one reason, Facebook gives preference to live videos. In fact, Facebook has disclosed that it is moving toward a “video first” platform.

#3 -AI-Heightened Content


Artificial intelligence will continue to play a pivotal role in content marketing.

#2 -Visual Content

Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality provides a whole new way to present organic content. It’s also an excellent avenue for marketing. The augmented and virtual reality market is projected to reach USD $162 billion by 2020.

#1 – Social Publishing

Social MeSocial Mediadia

It is anticipated that social media platforms will expand to serve as publishing platforms. Medium and LinkedIn have led the way. Facebook has launched “Instant Articles.” It already gets ⅓ of all link clicks. Snapchat also allows its followers to add links to their snaps.

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