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Morphiss Mattress Review

Gone are the days when you have to literally hop from one store to another to check out a luxury bed. The popularity of the internet has revolutionized the manner by which people shop for a luxury bed or a mattress cover. This has spawned the establishment of companies that sell everything related to bed and mattresses. One of these companies is Morphiss Mattress which sells their mattress exclusively online.

A quick read of Morphiss Mattress Review will show that this company offers an innovative luxury bed that offers something new to consumers. While most brands sell a bed that fits all, this mattress offers something new for those who want their beds customized to their specific needs. The adjustable or customizable bed is a flagship product of Morphiss Mattress and it is expected to take the mattress industry by storm.

The different Morphiss Mattress Reviews gush on the company’s foam mattress that can be customized to 64 different levels of firmness. It is guaranteed to satisfy a whole range of sleeping requirements from medium-firm to firm mattress and a different combination in between those levels. This is indeed a revolutionary product that will make every sleeper’s dream come true.

If you’re on the lookout for a super soft foam that you can tinker with later on when your preferences change, then you must try the Morphiss Mattress. This unique luxury bed has actually changed the design of the traditional mattress and revolutionized the way a bed is made. This foam mattress comes with inserts that can be interchanged and rearranged to change the bed’s comfort level, firmness level, and mattress support. You don’t even need an expert to adjust the firmness level because you can do this by yourself.

The multi-zone mattress technology, which was invented by Phil Torbet as early as 2009, takes off from the original technology of Perfect Pressure. It may be considered a breakthrough but very expensive so he researched some more until in 2014 he found a way to come up with the same technology but with cheaper materials. Instead of using the more expensive memory foam, Torbet used the affordable and cooler polyurethane foam. In the meantime, Perfect Pressure CEO Earl Takefman sought to solve the problems related to the mattress firmness by coming up with Morphiss Mattress.[1]

Morphiss Mattress symbolized the morphing effect of the foam mattress when you interchange and rearrange the foam inserts to suit your desired sleeping firmness. When you own this mattress, you spend for one luxury bed and yet get several bed configurations in the end because of its innovative design.

Morphiss Mattress Construction

There are several customizable beds in the market but nothing beats the Morphiss Mattress and its ability to provide 64 configurations for you. This unique bed is wrapped in a blend of polyester and cotton cover that allows air to flow into the mattress making it breathable and cool.

The cover of the luxury bed is made of materials light enough so that it does not retain the heat trapped inside the mattress. With a combined Tencel fabric, knitted polyester and reinforced polyester elastane materials, you get a durable cover. This is guaranteed to provide you a much cooler experience when you sleep.

What is the Morphiss Mattress made of?

The ten-inch foam mattress is not only a functional bed but it also has a cutting-edge design. All that thickness is made entirely of foam divided into two channels which clearly divides your side of the bed and your sleeping partner. Each of the two channels is filled with memory foam inserts which are color-coded depending on the firmness level. This will allow you to switch the inserts without any fuss at all, knowing that the firm inserts are in white, the medium inserts in blue and the soft inserts in yellow.

Underneath the cover is the comfort layer which is made of ultra foam. This proprietary super soft foam material is responsible for providing you the best sleep and comfort that only a top-notch bed can provide. The foam may be soft but it can easily respond to your body’s pressure.

The next layer depends on you since it is highly customizable using the inserts. The channels are hollow but they have edge support to keep the inserts in their respective places. You can choose from the different foam inserts which are originally arranged as medium firm but which you can transform into a firm or soft configuration.

The comfort and customizable layers remain stable because of the base layer which is made of high-density polyurethane foam. This layer does not only provide shape to the bed but it also makes sure that the adjustable layer is stable and have enough support.

Firmness Level

When you get the Morphiss Mattress, you get to decide which level of firmness you get on your back when you sleep. Adjust the inserts according to the color scheme which corresponds to your preferred firmness and you can shift from having a super soft foam, medium firm or firm mattress.

Couples are set to greatly benefit from the innovative design of this mattress since each one can adjust their own side of the bed depending on their sleeping preference. The bed comes with up to 36 foam inserts divided into 12 inserts for soft, medium and firm options. This bed will not only revolutionize your sleep but will also revolutionize your relationship since you no longer have to worry about compromising your sleep quality and health even when you sleep with a partner.

The key to maximizing your comfort level when you have the Morphiss Mattress is to learn how to balance the foam inserts. Just swap out the different-colored inserts until you come up with your own blend of firmness and comfort level. But more than providing you with a unique firmness experience, the luxury foam will also bowl you over its capability to regulate the foam temperature, inhibit motion transfer and evenly distribute weight.

The industry standard of firmness is around 6.5 and the Morphiss Mattress has a rating of 6 which means it is a little softer than industry standards. However, you can easily change this by using the foam inserts and configuring its firmness level. The good thing about this bed is that you can easily change its configurations if you suddenly find yourself sleeping on your side or on your stomach. This feature is so amazing especially when you are a fussy sleeper who can’t seem to decide which sleeping position you prefer.

Motion Isolation

The bed will give you an ideal resting place thanks to the many layers of foam that allows a reduction in motion transfer. Most foam mattresses are capable of absorbing vibrations which make them a great sleeping companion. The bed’s ability to isolate motion mainly comes from the interchangeable inserts.

The customizable layer works wonders not only in minimizing motion but in stopping motion from transferring from one part of the bed to another. With this mattresses, you can now look forward to more quality sleeping hours even when your partner keeps on tossing and turning.

Edge Support

It is easy to wonder about the stability of this mattress especially on the edges when you know that there is a hollow part in the middle even with the foam inserts filling it out. Surprisingly, the outer edge of the bed is stronger and more stable. Apparently, the barriers that keep the inserts in place also provide reinforcement on the edges.

The edge provides enough support since your weight is evenly distributed all over the surface. After all, the barriers are solid pieces that do not only provide a sturdy edge but also keep the inserts in their proper place. However, you have to admit that you get a different feel when your back touches on the adjustable inserts and the edges.

Size, Warranties, and Durability

The highly-customizable Morphiss Mattress is a fairly new concept which may be a risk factor for consumers. The manufacturer acknowledges this and has offered a 100-day risk-free trial for those who are open to the idea of trying on an innovative mattress like this. So if you decide to get the foam mattress, you can try its comfort and firmness level for more or less three months and then if you decide it is not a perfect fit for your sleeping needs, then you can return it and get a full refund for your payment.

If after the trial period you decide to keep the luxury bed, then you are still protected by a warranty which will cover a period of 25 years. Within this period, you can rely on the company to resolve any issues you may have with the mattress. This customizable bed is a sure winner in innovation and you should not miss the chance to try it given the warranty and risk-free offers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep with a huge mattress that you can customize depending on your sleeping preferences? You can get the Morphiss Mattress in a variety of sizes:

• Twin which measures 38″ x 75″ x 11”
• Twin XL which measures 38″ x 80″ x 11″
• Full which measures 54″ x 75″ x 11″
• Queen which measures 60″ x 80″ x 11″
• King which measures 76″ x 80″ x 11″
• California King which measures 72″ x 84″ x 11″


The Morphiss Mattress comes in all sizes but whichever size you opt for, the mattress will be delivered to you in a sealed blue bag for free. If you can’t wait to try customizing the foam inserts then don’t worry because you wouldn’t have to wait long since you can expect the mattress to be shipped from three to five business days.

Amid your excitement, don’t forget to allow the mattress to expand to its full size considering it was compressed for shipment. Give it a full day to expand to its full shape and size and you can start tinkering with the inserts. Make sure you get all the 36 foam blocks since you need them to customize the firmness of the mattress.

Expect the luxury mattress to emit some odors when you unpack it. Just keep your windows open while you allow your bed to morph into its real shape so you can get rid of the smell at the same time. The odor may be strange but it is definitely safe since the manufacturer did not use any harmful substance in creating the bed.


You can read up as many Morphiss Mattress Reviews before you finally decide on this bed but they will all tell you that this customizable luxury bed is a good choice. With all its innovative features, you can expect to get your money’s worth with this mattress.

If you are the adventurous type who wants that perfect setting when you sleep, then you will enjoy mixing and matching the foam inserts, However, this is not for you if you don’t have the patience to swap the foams to get that perfect firmness you desire.

Couples who are looking for a perfect mattress that will give them quality sleep will definitely consider the Morphiss Mattress a perfect fit.

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