Making Your Sweat Work For You

Most of us think of sweat as a nuisance. We spend a lot of money on air conditioners, fans, and antiperspirants. That may all change.

#4- A Wearable Patch that Uses Sweat To Produce Power


Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, just revealed their latest wearable. It’s a flexible square patch that contains specific enzymes which could feed on human sweat to produce power.

#3- A Powerful Patch

Although the patch (or biofuel cell) is just a few centimeters in size, it was able to generate enough power to run a radio for an entire two days. Later versions powered even longer.

#2- Just The Start

These biofuel cells could eventually fuel a Bluetooth connection that could deliver information right to a smartphone. Your sweat may be able to give you enough power to stream your favorite playlists while you work out.

#1- The Best Part About This Wearable


These patches are worn on the outside of the body. They are non-invasive. The application is fast and painless.


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