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Eclipse International Adds Supportive, Shock-Absorbing ‘Activcor’ To Luxury Van Vorst Mattress Line

Material First Used In Luxury Automobiles And High-End Athletic Sneakers

Eclipse Adds Activcor to Van Vorst line

Leading bedding manufacturer Eclipse International is expanding its luxury Van Vorst Mattress line by bringing in technology first used in athletic shoes and German luxury automobiles to absorb shock and provide extra support and durability. Activcor Advanced Comfort System features patented technology and innovation in a molded MDI foam core (as opposed to traditional TDI foam) that incorporates barrel-shaped modules. Two new Van Vorst models will feature Activcor topped with either latex or memory foam.

Developed as an effective cushioning material high-end athletic shoes to support athletes from the repetitive stress of running and jumping, Activcor is a great go-to material for supporting sleep. A solid, molded foam, Activcor features foam columns, similar to pocket coils, that are engineered to absorb motion and provide defined body support.

“Activcor is the perfect addition to our growing line of Van Vorst collection of mattresses,” said Stuart Carlitz, chief executive officer of Eclipse International. “The enhanced cushioning system provides a level of support that helps eliminate tossing and turning, a key disruptor of sleep. Combined with the latex or the memory foam, the new Van Vorst mattresses cradle sleepers in comfort for a more restful night’s sleep.”

The Del Mar, priced to retail at $2,499 in queen, is designed with Activcor and memory foam, and the Oceania, priced at $2,899, features Activcor and latex for a more buoyant feel. Each of the new mattresses are dressed in a crisp white knit fabric and charcoal gray borders.

The Van Vorst line has a rich history dating back to its 1888 founding in Los Angeles. The company grew into a reliable source of private-label mattresses for well-known retailers including Bloomingdale’s, The Bon Marche, Meier & Frank and more. Marketed as a luxury brand, the five-model Van Vorst line is priced to retail from $1,499 to $4,999 in queen.

North Brunswick, New Jersey-based Eclipse International has been making mattresses since 1866. Known for its design innovation in creating advanced sleep products, the company has an extensive global licensing network that distributes mattresses under five brands – Eclipse, Eastman House, Van Vorst, Ernest Hemingway and BIA. A well-established leader in the bedding industry, Eclipse designs products crafted with high quality components, including latex, memory foam, gel and eco-friendly materials. The company holds a number of patents that deliver superb support throughout the product line. Today, the company has 65 licensees, 16 in the U.S., two in Canada and 42 overseas servicing 65 countries or provinces.

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