Bloom is Booming: Canada’s Leading Mattress Retailer Expands

Sleep Country Canada makes mattress buying even more convenient for Canadians, as the best-selling Bloom Cloud™ is now joined by three additional Blooms: Air, Mist, and Earth

Bloom Mattress

Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. (“Sleep Country” or the “Company” (TSX: ZZZ)), the nation’s leading mattress retailer, today officially unveiled A Bloom for Every Room™, aggressively pursuing the mattress-in-a-box category with three new Bloom mattresses priced at $395, $595, and $795 in queen sizes to round out their original Bloom offering at $995. The Bloom collection now features four unique Blooms, one for every room and every budget [1].

Helping Canadians get a great night’s sleep for over 20 years, Sleep Country’s sleep obsessed experts dialed into their years of experience to create the original Bloom Cloud™, the world’s best mattress-in-a-box. Launched in May 2017, the Bloom Cloud has quickly become one of Sleep Country’s top performing mattresses. Now, with an expanded Bloom collection – from the master suite to the kids’ room, to the dorm – there’s A Bloom for Every Room™.

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“Sleep Country has always prided itself on bringing quality bedding to all Canadians ‘one bed at a time,'” said Stewart Schaefer, Chief Business Development Officer of Sleep Country Canada. “With the launch of our original Bloom, our Sleep Innovators took their time to create the best mattress-in-a-box in the world. Their focus was on designing a very comfortable bed, with premium layers of comfort, that not only was affordable, but convenient to order either online or in-store with free shipping. It has been a real success, and now by popular demand, due to our customers’ requests, we have decided to expand the line up to include a range of Blooms that will appeal to all budgets and for all rooms in your home.”

Schaefer added, “At Sleep Country, we believe that we must always put our customers’ needs first, and in these fast-paced times, being able to service them any way they would like to shop is integral. As leaders in the mattress industry in Canada, the mattress-in-a-box market is a strategic growth opportunity for us. We are excited to introduce our brand to a whole new segment of consumers that are looking for affordability, convenience, and trust when buying a new bed.” A recent RBC survey found that ~69 percent of respondents would purchase a mattress online, but that ~43 percent of those respondents would only do so after trying it first in a store, putting Sleep Country at a competitive advantage. With over 250 convenient locations across the country and growing, Sleep Country makes choosing a mattress much easier by having the ability to take a nap in store before ordering your bed on location or online.

Coupled with the company’s exclusive100 Night Comfort Guarantee and 10-year warranty, Sleep Country offers Canadians the only 100% trusted and risk-free option for buying a mattress-in-a-box.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes, the original best-selling Bloom Cloud™ is now joined by the competitively-priced Bloom Earth™, Bloom Mist™ and Bloom Air™ mattresses:

Bloom Earth – the most affordable mattress, thoughtfully crafted with gel memory foam plus an additional foam support layer for a great night’s sleep ($395 for Queen)

Bloom Mist – an extra inch of gel memory foam conforms to your body to provide comfort, while an upgraded charcoal-infused base foam provides enhanced temperature regulation ($595 for Queen)

Bloom Air – a combination of plush gel memory foam and aerated memory foam for additional support and comfort ($795 for Queen)

Bloom Cloud – the original super bed in a box, The Cloud’s innovative design features enhanced Lumbar support with advanced gel memory and latex foam that conform perfectly to you ($995 for Queen)

Canada’s #1 mattress retailer is also pleased to offer customers a growing e-commerce platform. The online platform has allowed Sleep Country to service more Canadians in new markets while complementing and driving traffic to our longstanding brick and mortar locations. Sleep Country’s brick and mortar locations remain extremely relevant for mattress buyers as the vast majority of Canadians still prefer to test this very tactile, personal and important product. Learn more about each Bloom mattress and purchase the bed of your dreams today at or

About Sleep Country
Sleep Country is Canada’s leading mattress retailer and the only specialty mattress retailer with a national footprint in Canada. Sleep Country operates under two mattress retail banners: Dormez-Vous, the largest retailer of mattresses in Quebec and Sleep Country Canada, the largest mattress retailer in the rest of Canada. As of June 7, Sleep Country has 252 stores and 16 distribution centers across Canada. All of the Company’s stores are corporate-owned, enabling it to develop and maintain a strong culture of customer service, resulting in a consistent and superior in-store and home delivery customer experience.

[1]   PR Newswire; Bloom is Booming: Canada’s leading mattress retailer expands their successful innovative Bloom™ mattress-in-a-box line, adding A Bloom for Every Room™, June 07, 2018.

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