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Blello Mattress Review

Blello mattress reviews have made consumers curious about this foam mattress. For one, it is made by a fairly new mattress company with a quirky name—Blello.

The company is an up and coming newbie in the mattress industry, having been found in 2017. This foam retailer seeks to make quality foam more accessible to consumers by selling online mattress.

Blello banks on the mantra “hues to snooze” which means that the company’s campaign to sell the foam is hinged on the colors blue and yellow. If you’re still trying to pronounce the tongue-twisting name of this online mattress company, then you will be better off knowing how it came to be.

The company name is a combination of the colors Blue and Yellow with some letters in between omitted. The play on words actually worked for the company as it has made Blello more interesting for consumers who want to try new foam technologies.

blello mattress review

Blello may be a newbie in the mattress industry but the company has been in the furniture industry for 20 years. The company’s brick and mortar store have been selling spring mattresses to its customers they learned a thing or two to make the product more innovative.

The company even created its own meaning and interpretation of the colors Blue and Yellow. By choosing these colors to represent Blello, it came up with a foam that is not only soft but a foam that lifts you up by reducing stress and promoting tranquility.

Blello is a company that is not only concerned about selling its foam mattress. It believes in corporate social responsibility and it supports the Massachusetts Bay’s Big Brothers Big Sisters. Every time you purchase a Bello foam, a portion of the amount will be earmarked for the empowerment of the youth.

The former brick and mortar spring mattress company were founded by Girish Nebhwani and Kanchan Nebhwani. Its partners, who are based in the United States, are private businesses with whom they share the same values which include love for the environment so they believe in recycling materials.

Girish realized the importance of combining quality products with customer experience early on while working in the family firm’s delivery department. He found the too many foam options too confusing for consumers especially when they could not even test all the mattresses at the store. As a response to this, he simplified the experience of shopping for an online mattress with top-notch customer service.

blello mattress

On the other hand, Kanchan wanted to put her data analytics and entrepreneurial passion to good use even while working in the family’s brick and mortar store. The establishment of Blello as an online mattress company allowed her to do just that.[1]

The Blello Cover

The three-layer Blello foam comes with an outer fabric cover that was designed not only to protect the foam but also to make the mattress construction more comfortable. It is made of various yarns and fabric and comes with a stretchable surface that adds to the foam breathability. The materials used to combine to form a stretchy material that hugs and protects the mattress.

Even with the additional coverage, the mattress remains soft and cool. The use of a mattress protector will help lengthen the lifespan of the cover. If your mattress cover gets stained, it is best to use a mild detergent and spot clean the cover. Removing and washing of the cover is not recommended.

blello mattress cover

Mattress Construction

The foam mattress by Blello is 10 inches thick with three layers of foam that promises to provide you a good night’s rest. It comes with just the right level of firmness and provides body contouring and comfort.

Comfort Layer

Blello’s foam mattress is made of a 1.5-inch response foam that conforms to the body. This is not called the comfort layer for anything. The foam does not trap heat making it a better alternative to memory foam which sleeps hot. The use of Serene Foam for this layer helps to reduce pressure points in the body while keeping you cool at all times.

The Serene Foam actually works both ways. Aside from its cooling function, it also reduces motion transfer on the foam. This is good news if you sleep with a partner who wakes up ahead of you or who keeps on tossing at night since it reduces disturbance. Don’t worry about a stiff foam on your back because this one is soft to the touch but does not allow you to sink too far.

Transition Layer

This layer is followed by the 2.5-inch middle layer with the comfort foam. This layer is made of Qualatex Foam, a hypo-allergenic and recyclable eco-friendly foam. This layer prevents the feeling of sinking on the foam as it reduces compression.

Qualatex Foam comes with a great bounce and has similarities to the latex material. This layer serves as a transition layer that links the soft mattress top to the base which offers firm support.

blello mattress review

Foundation Layer

The very foundation of the Blello online mattress is a six-inch high-density support foam. This poly-foam base provides enough support to the sleeper and provides comfort whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper.

When you get the Blello mattress, you are guaranteed the best sleeping comfort that money can buy. Expect 10 layers of balanced comfort that will keep you well-rested and ready to face the day every time you wake up.[2]

Firmness Level

If you want a mattress that is more responsive compared to the memory foam then the Blello medium-firm mattress will not let you down. The mattress top is a lot softer and hugs your body contours without that sinking feeling. if you mostly sleep on your sides then this is a great buy. Compared to the standard medium-firm mattress rated between 6 and 7, the Blello mattress is within the 5 and 6 range when it comes to firmness level.

The moment your back lands on the top of the mattress, you will realize that it has a sweet spot on top but will not let you sink on the mattress because of its firmness in the middle. The foam is so responsive it hugs your body contours the way you like it to give your back a reprieve from pressure. You have to thank the transition layer with its latex-like material for that.

Motion Isolation

If you sleep with a partner, then one of the most important things you want to check when buying a mattress is its ability to isolate motion. The Blello foam works just like any other foam mattress. You can feel the movement on the other side of the bed, but not too much to keep you wide awake at night. There is a slight motion transfer which will probably bother you if you are a very light sleeper. A regular sleeper will, however, feel the movement without being bothered at all.

blello edge support

Edge Support

The construction of this foam mattress will give you all the support you need thanks to the latex-like material on the next layer. The transition foam pushes you back without sagging despite the softness on top. But if you are heavy and you weigh more than 300 pounds, then the softness and thickness might not be the best choice for you, support-wise.

Generally, the Blello foam can give you enough support even if you sleep with a partner. There may be a slight compression at the top layer due to its softness, but you will feel the support whether you are at the center or near the edge. The mattress has a solid edge so you won’t fall over even if you venture on the sides during the night. Sitting on the edge of the bed will, however, result in compression on the sides.

Size, Warranties, and Durability

  • Just like the other foam mattresses, the Blello mattress is available in various sizes:
  • Twin which measures 39” x 75 x 10″
  • Twin XL which measures 39″ x 80″ x 10”
  • Full which measures 54” x 75” x 10”
  • Queen which measures 60” x 80” x 10”
  • King which measures 76” x 80” x 10”
  • Cali King which measures 72” x 84” x 10”

The good thing about the Blello foam is its compatibility with just about any flat surface. If you have an existing bed frame with a solid surface then your mattress will fit right in. This is a good idea for those who need to purchase a foam on a tight budget.

This foam is a good buy as it comes with a 100-night sleep trial which means you can get an up close and personal experience and see if the foam matches your preference. And once you decide to get it for life, you still get a 10-year warranty for the foam. This warranty is actually a standard in the mattress industry. The warranty offered by Blello is prorated which means the amount covered by the manufacturer for repair costs or replacement of the foam diminishes with time. Full costs are offered only within the first year and a half. After which, the coverage is reduced to only around 20% is covered between 8 to 10 years.

The off-gassing odor naturally happens when a mattress is first taken out from the box due to the compressed packaging. It’s like riding a new car where you get that slight smell. This is true for the Blello foam but the smell usually goes away once it is fully inflated and aired which takes about 24 hours.[[3]


When you get the Blello foam, you also get free delivery or shipping services if you are located in the United States except in Hawaii and Alaska. You will have to wait for more or less 10 days for the delivery of your mattress as the company needs up to five days to prepare the mattress for delivery and then another one to five days for the actual shipment.

You don’t need to worry about monitoring the arrival of your mattress because Blello will provide you with a tracking number once it is shipped. This will keep you posted on the status of your delivery. This is not a problem at all if you are not in a hurry. But if you are, then be aware that the company does not offer expedited shipping.

Keep track of your mattress so that you have someone with you when it arrives since white glove delivery is not available. It will be delivered right at your doorstep, but getting it inside the house is another matter. Once you do get the mattress inside and settled in the room where it is to be placed it will be easy to open the box and roll it up.


The Blello mattress is the perfect choice if you are a side sleeper, whether or not you sleep with a partner. The foam will keep you sleeping cool so you are assured of a good night’s rest. This may be a medium-firm mattress but you are assured of a soft top, just right for your back to settle in, but not really sink in.

Unless you are a heavyweight, the Blello foam is your best bet to a good night’s sleep. It provides easy body contouring and pressure relief which is what every sleeper yearns for. It contours the body much like a memory foam but without overheating.

One of the most important factors that would convince you to get the Blello mattress is its quality. But if you are on a budget, then you will be glad to know that it is also very affordable. As an online company, Blello does away with the middlemen which mean you get a more affordable foam compared to those sold in brick and mortar stores.

Purchasing the Blello mattress is also very straightforward as you only need to check the foam on the product page. There is only one firmness level so you won’t get confused about choosing which one will suit you. Just check the perfect size for you and then proceed to checkout.[4]


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