Best Mattress for Back Pain 2018

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Back Pain in 2018

Back pain is more common than you’d think

Most people experience back pain at some point in their lives.  This pain can additionally lead to hip pain and neck pain.  Others are, however, not as lucky and experience chronic back pain. The incessant back pain could be a result of an underlying condition. But in the absence of a medical condition, then the culprit could be your mattress.

Even if your back pain is caused by an existing illness, the pain can be exacerbated by the wrong mattress. People do not pay much attention when they purchase a mattress. Some believe it is nothing more than a piece of furniture they can pick without much thought when they go shopping.

Unknown to many, the wrong mattress can lead to many sleepless nights. Worse, it can lead to serious back pain that can become chronic if left untreated.

Sleepless nights

If you are like most people who become grumpy and irritable after a sleepless night, then don’t be surprised if you become a social pariah. You can even say goodbye to a future work promotion as you become less productive because of your physical and mental condition. It is even logical to say that the quality of your sleep, and therefore your mattress, can be equated to the quality of your life.

Every hardworking guy or gal deserves to have a good night’s rest. This will only become possible if you invest in an ergonomic mattress that will keep back pain in check. Quality bedding will encourage good sleeping posture and keep your muscles relaxed.

Persistent back pain

If your back pain is making you unhealthy, and your life miserable, then it is time to look for a new one that is not too soft or too firm. Your bed should not only look good, but it should also have a proper design and is made of quality material.  Even a quality memory foam mattress topper will not cure your back ailments. 

Choosing the best mattress for back pain is not an easy job but somebody has to do it. After all, back pain expert and Harvard Medical School Professor Jeffrey N. Katz, M.D. said, you should try different mattresses to determine the style that best fits you if you want to make a difference in your health.[1]

There are so many types of mattresses on the market today and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. If you find this confusing and challenging, then here is a list of some of the best mattresses for back pain. You can then weigh which of these beddings fit your lifestyle, your health condition, and your budget.

#5 – Purple .4 Mattress

Purple mattress for back pain

Purple .4 Mattress pricing
Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
N/A $2499 N/A $2799 $3499 $3499

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up feeling fresh and relaxed, and without any back pain at all? This is not an impossible dream, even if you suffer from chronic back pain, provided you choose a mattress that adapts to your body form and your sleeping habits. This is exactly what is being offered by the Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress history

The quest to produce the best mattress originated in 1989 when brothers Terry and Tony Pearce first sought to change the world. The forerunner of the Purple mattress was actually the Floam, a cushion for wheelchairs to prevent pressure sores.

It started with a seat cushion

The cushioning technology developed by the Pearces brothers has come a long way and is now helping people who suffer from back pain. The mattress was designed for spine support so it is guaranteed to reduce if not relieve back pain. The Purple mattress comes with a pressure-relieving technology that spoons the body while sleeping, thus relieving all the body’s pressure points. Its open-grid design allows air flow so you sleep cool.

Superior motion isolation

What is more important for those who don’t sleep alone is the bed’s motion-isolating feature. This means your partner can wiggle the whole night through but you still get to enjoy your sleep. That purple color is not just for aesthetics since it works like a shock absorber for any movement on the other side of the bed.

#4 – Helix Personalized Mattress

Helix Sleep Mattress

Helix mattress pricing
Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$600 $700 $850 $995 $1245 $1245

A personalized custom mattress

Sleeping in a bed that is either too soft or too firm can lead to back pain. If you are prone to this, then it’s time to get yourself a customized bed that will meet the demands of your body and your sleeping habits.

Custom build for each person

Helix is a company known for manufacturing personalized mattresses that are custom-built based on the customer’s sleeping habits. Ordering this mattress can be fun as you have to provide the company some information regarding your sleeping habits. The answer to these questions will help them customized the bedding based on your feel preference, support requirement, temperature needs and bedding elasticity.

Dual comfort technology

Helix mattresses are known for providing dual comfort technology for Queen-sized beds and the larger models. If you sleep alone, then you only have to consider your individual preferences. But what if you share a mattress with another person? The company believes that no two people have the same sleeping preferences so they came up with a dual comfort bedding solution.

The perfect mattress firmness

You won’t believe how easy life can be if you can sleep soundly even when you share a mattress with someone. Helix can make this possible by creating a mattress with different levels of firmness on each side of the bed. Don’t worry about an uneven feel on your bedding because they can combine your requirements to come up with a mattress with an even feel. The secret of every Helix mattress is its proprietary dynamic foam which springs back when pressed.


#3 – Natural Form Mattresses

Natural Form Mattress for Back Pain

Innovation meets superior support

If innovation is at the top of your list when it comes to choosing the best mattress for back pain then check out the ones manufactured by Natural Form. The company, which does business as WCW, has been producing innovative sleeping products for the medical industry for over 30 years.

Self-adjusting technology

The Natural Form mattresses come with the “Self-Adjusting Technology” or SAT, which the company has successfully patented. This technology has provided pain relief and comfort to patients worldwide that the mattresses are no longer just used in major hospitals but by consumers who want to minimize back pain.

Varying levels of back pain

There are different levels of back pain and those caused by poor quality mattresses are usually addressed by quality beddings that conform to the sleeping habits of the consumer. However, there are people who suffer from more acute back pains. If you are one of them, then you will need a mattress specifically designed for your condition.

Patented support technology

Mattresses that make use of Natural Form’s patented technology can respond to a variety of back pain resulting from Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Discs, Osteoarthritis or even Fibromyalgia. Don’t take the company’s promises hook, line, and sinker though. You can try the mattress for 100 nights and if it doesn’t live up to their claims, then you get a 100% refund.

#2 – Saatva Mattress

saatva mattress for back pain

Saatva Mattress pricing
Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$599 $699 $899 $999 $1399 $1399

Spinal zone technology

If you suffer from lower back pain then better stay away from mattresses that are way too soft to provide back support. The Saatva mattress has patented the Spinal Zone technology which has been proven effective in correcting the alignment of the spine.

Individually-wrapped coil system

The technology, combined with the individually-wrapped coil system, does not only reduce the pressure points but it also improves the distribution of weight on the mattress which is responsible for the overall back support. The Chiropractic Seal of Approval awarded to Saatva is enough proof of the product’s ability to conform to the set standards for spinal health.

Certified by the West Virginia University Physiology department

It is easy for manufacturers to claim that their products are the best mattress for back pain. However, Saatva’s claim has the seal of approval of a study conducted by the West Virginia University Exercise Physiology Department. The study found out that the Spinal Zone technology used by Saatva on its mattresses has improved sleep quality by 29% and has reduced back pain by 34%. It also found out that using the mattress technology for only two weeks can already relieve stiffness. Using the mattress for one year can already improve back stiffness.

Contouring, comfort coils

The Saatva mattress makes use of contouring comfort coils which easily responds and adjusts to the shape of the body. These coils are wrapped in foam so it does not easily sag and is more durable. It provides pressure relief thanks to the visco-elastic memory foam that forms one of the layers of the mattress.

Help reduce or eliminate back pain

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can put anyone in a foul mood the rest of the day. But waking up every day with back pain will not only make you grouchy but will also put your health in danger. If you put a premium on your productivity and your health, then make sure you choose the best mattress that will help you say goodbye to back pain for good.

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#1 – Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Series

Tha Alexander Signature for Back PainNest Bedding Alexander Signature Series pricing
Twin Twin XL Full Queen King Cal King
$899 $999 $1099 $999 $1399 $1399

Our top pick for best mattress for back pain

You do not need to break the bank to get your hand on a quality mattress for lower back pain. The Alexander Signature Series[1] is an affordable premium mattress that conforms to the body and provides lumbar support. You need to find that perfect fit that will reduce the stress on your thoracic, lumbar and cervical spine.

Configured with dual firmness options

The best thing about the Alexander Signature Series is that you can choose between two types of firmness depending on your specific preferences. If you sleep on your stomach or your back, then the Alexander Luxury Firm is a good choice. If you mostly sleep on your side and back, then better opt for the Alexander Medium mattress.

Eco-friendly materials

The Alexander Series was designed by industry experts and is made in the United States. It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials that include support base foams and gel foam certified by CertiPUR-US.

Copper-infused memory foam

You can also opt for the Alexander Hybrid Signature Select Mattress which is touted to be the most comfortable mattress available online. This bedding is made of copper-infused memory foam that provides pressure relief. This version actually has features that are in between the two previous Alexander mattresses.


Best Mattress For Back Pain 2018

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