Adidas Leaves TV Advertising Behind

In an effort to snag Millennials, Adidas is changing their advertising strategy to digital. But, does this make marketing sense?

#4- Where Does Adidas Put Its Marketing Money?

Over half of the money now goes toward partnerships. After that, money is divided between:

“Grassroots” activations
Working with local sports clubs
Adidas plans to decrease its money going toward partnership to less than 45% by 2020.

#3- Adidas Is Not Giving Up The TV Market Completely

Per iSpotTV, Adidas has aired several TV ads in 2017. One advertisement features Snoop Dogg in an ad called “Original is Never Finished.” But, overall, regarding the US, Adidas ranks 511 in terms of TV ad money spent in the last 30 days.

#2- Other Brands Are More Cynical

Procter & Gamble’s, Marc Pritchard, suggested that “digital platforms clean up their acts” when dealing with transparency, measurement, and a “crappy supply chain.”  In fact, Procter & Gamble will no longer pay for ads that do not meet their standards.

#1- What Mediums Generate The Best Profit?


Thinkbox, a marketing company, found that TV is still the “best profit generator.” But, in the US, digital ad spending was predicted to surpass TV last year. The numbers have yet to show this result.


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