5 Ways That Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Changing The Face Of Social Media

Social media often requires analyzing massive amounts of data. More businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to understand better and plan how they can use social media to build their brand.

Better Data, Higher Volume


For business owners to better understand their target audience, they need to interpret massive amounts of data. AI can help companies gain important insights about their customer’s preferences and tastes.

Customer Service

Robot Hand

Research shows that currently, the majority of customers want to interact with businesses via message form. Patrons still expect an immediate response. Artificial intelligence has tools that can prioritize questions. It can also identify the most frequent questions and help a business tweak their website or landing page. Finally, AI tools help determine the difference between serious inquiries and trolls. That can help a company build a more genuine relationship with consumers.

 Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition can be an excellent way for entertainment and consumer related industries to build their client base. Businesses can provide coupons to those who post selfies using specific brands or in front of the establishment.

Slack Bots


Slack bots help eliminate guesswork for the consumer. They also can predict the chances of success of different kinds of content and show you the how your content performed. Slack bots can make suggestions to the user.


Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps, it is in the management of social media that artificial intelligence demonstrates its presence. It’s not enough to create good content. That content must be released, maintained, and analyzed. AI does that. Furthermore, artificial intelligence can help analyze your competitors and help you reach your target audience.


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