5 Top Tricks To Help You Get The Most Out Of Slack

Slack provides a way to communicate with your colleagues without ever leaving the desk. Use these tricks to make using this medium easier.

Create A Poll To Settle Office Lunch Disputes




Type “/poll” (and follow the instructions) to create a poll for your favorite office debates. Whether you are deciding what to have for lunch or what you’ll do this weekend, Slack is an excellent way to gather opinions.

Make The Media Disappear


Slack is an excellent medium to show the funniest GIF loop. But, sometimes enough is enough. When pictures, YouTube videos, and GIFs start getting too be a bit too much, type “/collapse” into your text box to make them disappear. This doesn’t eliminate the messages but hides them. To bring them back, type “/expand.”

Get In The Spirit


Slack encourages friendly conversations by allowing you to choose the emoji style that best suits your personality. Pick from:

Google Hangouts
Emoji One Style
None: Plain Style Only
Go to [Preferences], select [Messages and Media], and choose the type that’s best for you. Remember, the emojis style you pick only show up on YOUR computer. On other screens, your emojis will be depicted in the style that they chose.

Learn The Shortcuts


Slack provides a way to increase your efficiency if you make an effort to learn the commands.

Don’t Lose The Important Information


A lot of messages may come through your Slack on a daily basis. Ensure you don’t lose track of something valuable by doing this:

Open the message actions
Select  “Pin to #channel”

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