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5 Fast Facts About Farting

Just about everyone wants to be an expert at something. How about something you do , multiple times a day? Noted below are some valuable facts about farting. By the way, did you know termites fart the most? They are only second to camels.

5. Sleep Farting Is Very Common

For some, this may be considered the pinnacle of intimacy. After all, it’s hard to hold farts in when you’re unconscious. For those that are able to hold it in, once they wake up, it’s a totally different story.

4. Germaphobes Have A Reason To Fear Farts

Naked farts can transmit germs into the air. Streptococcus pyogenes is a major offender. This bacteria can cause all sorts of illnesses including a skin-eating disease. That should give you something to think about the next time you “catch” someone’s wind.

3. Your Own Farts Smell One Way To You And Another Way To Everyone Else

Your own farts do not smell as bad to you as to others. Perhaps, this is because you are used to their smell or a survival mechanism. In any event, you fart about 10-20 times a day. Be kind to others.

On the other hand, holding your farts in can eventually erode parts of your intestinal wall resulting in a painful condition called diverticulitis. It’s not surprising, those smelly whiffs contain carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and methane, and they don’t go away when you hold it in.

2. Sniffing Farts May Prevent Cancer

Okay, this is a stretch. But, studies have shown that small whiffs of hydrogen sulfide gas (present in human farts) could prevent arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. (Unless, of course, you succumb to a flesh-eating disease.)

“Dutch Oven” Can Kill…Maybe

For those less in-the-know, to “dutch oven” someone is when you trap a fart underneath some blankets, then pull the blanket over their head. There is a story going around that a man accidently killed his wife by doing just this. Supposedly, she died in 30 seconds. This may be just a fable but why take the chance.

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