3 Ways Collagen Can Help Your Body

Collagen can help your body in ways beyond cosmetic reasons. This remarkable protein is found in skin, bone, blood vessels, muscles, tendons and even your digestive system. Collagen contains 19 important amino acids including arginine, glutamine, proline, and glycine.


3. Collagen Builds Lean Muscle

lean muscle


Amino acids play different but essential roles in our body. Regarding the amino acids in collagen, four of them are particularly important with helping our muscles.

  • Glutamine: helps prevent tearing down of the muscles while promoting muscle growth
  • Creatine improves muscle performances during exercise bursts and is required for muscle growth
  • Glycine: converts glucose into energy
  • Arginine: helps make the body make protein from other amino acids, boosts metabolism, helps muscle growth and prevents muscle tissue wasting

2.Collagen Reduces Injury To Connective Tissue

connective tissue

Connective tissue surrounds muscle fibers. These get strained and broken with exercise. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity of tissue and fibers. It helps your muscles accommodate to your fitness routines.


1.Collagen Reduces Joint Pain


Exercise puts a lot of strain on your muscles as well as your joints and tendons. Collagen can help smooth out the process. It’s also a natural inflammation fighter. That means it aids the repair of damaged joints. Beyond that, collagen helps all the connective tissue in the body. That includes our organs, GI system, and circulatory system. This essential to maintain your overall health.


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