3 Ways CMOs Can Keep Up With Technology Innovation

A good chief marketing officer (CMO) needs to be aware of the latest advances in technology and how they can best be used by his business.

Take Advantage Of AI And ML


CMO’s should make sure their vendors utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning. These things can harvest valuable information from big data. They can work in real-time. That helps with capturing current consumer behavior and optimizing opportunity.

Martech Versus Adtech


Both martech and adtech have specific purposes in your business plan. Martech is primarily used to target existing customers. Conversely, adtech looks to reach anonymous audiences. Each work within the world of big data trying to grab specific data. It’s up to the CMO to process this data in a way to help his company reach their particular mission and goals.

Factor In ROI


Return On Interest (ROI) should be a core consideration when looking at how any technology investment impacts business. CMOs need to factor in team size and structure to ensure they have the appropriate resources.




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