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3 DIY Designs For Modern Address Plaques

Curb appeal is never more important. Changing the little things in your home can give it a newer look. It takes on a special meaning when you do it yourself.

#3- A Rustic Address Plaque

Address Plaque

Are those Bricks? No, they’re paint sticks. Create a modern looking address sign that will draw everyone’s attention.

#2- A Modern Sleek Address Sign

Address Plaque

Do you want to modernize your current address sign? It’s easier than you think.

#1- A Flower Pot Address

Address Plaque

This is the perfect address display for those who love plants. Paint each flower pot the same color. Then stencil and paint a single number on each pot. Make sure you buy stencils that are large enough. The colors should contrast for easy reading.


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